Welcome to Texas Trade Days

Howdy, Y’all! Welcome to Texas Trade Days!

We’re the newest trade days market in Southeast Texas! We excited you’re here and want to extend a warm welcome to our growing family of guests, vendors and service providers!

We have grown over the last year and are excited to offer a family-friendly trade days without the flea market hassles! We hold both fairgrounds events and small community style markets throughout the Houston-Galveston region. You’ll see a good variety of unique merchants at all of our events from clothing and children’s boutiques, handmade artisans, talented arts and craftsmen (and women), make up counters, specialty shops and more!

No 2 Texas Trade Days are the same either, which means you’ll regularly find your favorites and encounter new ones, and we don’t stop there!

We offer our vendors Texas Trade Days Memberships, advertising services and business packages because their priority is to grow their small businesses and make purchasing from them even easier for you! Most merchants offer online shopping and shipping, in addition to accepting most major credit cards at our events!

Texas Trade Days is also community focused! We’re here for you and we support local charities by activating our change donation jars and becoming a temporary collection point for much needed items in times of crisis and need. We maintain compassionate normalcy to help our communities heal and recover by not canceling our events if at all possible. We know how important positivity is through tough times. Many of us have been there, too. So, if you have suggestions for ways we can help, send us an email and we’ll look into it further!

Again, we welcome your visit here and at our events! Thank you for stopping by!

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