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We have updated our website to better serve you! We get you’re busy and we’re here to help. Our website is fully ready to serve you 24/7 with all your vendor needs with Texas Trade Days!

Our website is designed to be as self-serving as possible. It includes an online application form with online payment integration through PayPal credit card processing, as well as pages to help you: verify application approvals, see filled vendor spaces for each event, see your scheduled event date(s), upcoming market dates, our vendor policies, tips to help you get started with us and more!

We strongly encourage you to read all the information we have provided on our website before you apply, until you get comfortable working with us.

TIP: If you see “Vendor” in any of the website navigation menu links, they and all the drop down menu links are specifically for your information.

We’re a smaller market that runs like a big event with room to grow into a bigger event. We’re here to help you prepare for larger events and more growth for your business!

Below are all the links to the website specifically for vendors! We encourage you to look at all our pages as well! There’s a lot of info to help you and our shoppers!

New Vendors

This page is designed to help new vendors navigate our booking process and learn a little more about how Texas Trade Days selects, accepts and processes new vendors with us.

Booth Design Tips

This page is found in the drop down menu under the New Vendor tab. It gives you some tips to help you safely set up a successful booth at any event you choose to do, including ours!

Texas Sales & Use Tax Permit Info

This is the 2nd link under the New Vendor tab. It gives new vendors information from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts about the Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit requirements along with helpful links and phone numbers to the state agency.

Vendor Application

The vendor application page contains updates for our currently booking markets, venue information, the online application and more! The online application you need will load directly on this page, too!

Check Filled Vendor Spaces

This page is the 1st link under the Vendor Application tab of the website navigation menu. Check this page before signing up for an event date. We have product/company ratios for each market date (found here). Direct Sales vendors, you’ll see which event your company has already filled.

2019 Preferred Vendor Program Application

This is the 2nd link under the Vendor Application tab of the website navigation menu. This page is for current 2019 Preferred Vendors and those who wish to be a part of the Preferred Vendor Program! It’s a separate application that is not used for regular vendors to book our upcoming markets!

Approved Vendor Applications

This is the 3rd link under the Vendor Application tab of the website navigation menu. Check this page by every Monday evening to see if your submitted vendor application has been approved. We process hundreds of vendor applications, so this is the easiest way for vendors to receive notice of acceptance. We generally do not send acceptance emails.

Vendor Update Blog

This is the 4th link under the Vendor Application tab of the website navigation menu. This is our vendor update category for our blog which is where this post is located. Check this out periodically for our regular vendor updates. We have our RSS feed to send emails out to everyone on our vendor email list and if you subscribe to our website, you’ll be sure to receive all our updates!

Vendor Market Details

This is the 5th link under the Vendor Application tab of the website navigation menu. You will find our previous Market Day Emails here. We have released this information on our website to help give you more time to plan and prepare for market days with us! Just click on the venue you are attending next. You can print, save and share these pages to help you stay organized as well!

We’re Here to Help!

We want all our vendors to be successful with Texas Trade Days! We’ve developed our website with the help of hundreds of attending vendors, our Preferred Vendors and our shoppers. If after reading the information on our website, feel free to send us an email or click the Facebook Messenger button on the bottom right of our website to ask your questions! We try to respond as quickly as possible to vendor inquiries! We hope this post helps you and we look forward to a prosperous 2019 Market Year with you!

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