Washington County Market Details

Location: Washington County Fairgrounds – Pavilion, Show Barn
1305 E Blue Bell Rd, #110, Brenham, TX 77833

VENDOR CHECK-IN: 9:30 am to 10 am

Set Up: 10 am to 12 pm
Gates Open: 12 pm to 6 pm
Tear Down:  6 pm to 7:30

Check-in: Check in with the coordinator or staff at the Texas Trade Days table at the front gate of the pavilion. You will receive your assigned booth number at check-in.

If you arrive early wait in your car until 9:30 am. We need time to set up your spaces to be ready for you! The gate to the pavilion will remain closed until we’re ready.

When you arrive:

  • Refer to this page
  • Find your vendor parking area & park
  • Check-in at 9:30 am
  • Find your number on the field cones
  • Unload from the vendor parking area

Park behind the Show Barn in the grass. Keep the front of the pavilion cleared at all times and do not park in the spaces in the middle of the fairgrounds! If you see orange road cones, don’t park in that area either, please.

NOTE: No “at site” parking for loading/unloading at anytime.

Food & Drink:
We may not have food trucks or concessions. Bring your own food & drink. BE DISCRETE! There’s a no outside food & beverage policy at the fairgrounds. Large meals should be eaten in your vehicles.

Take your trash with you! Be sure to bring your own trash bags. NO TRASH LEFT BEHIND PLEASE.

Ground Covers:
If you wish to bring a rug, outdoor ground cover, etc., you must use it in a safe way! NO TRIP HAZARDS PLEASE. If we ask you to adjust or remove it, please do so without issues. It’s a safety hazard. NO SAWDUST. If you bring it, it ALL goes with you when you leave, unless someone bought it! No staking in the ground.

REMEMBER: Leaving early is a violation of our policies (see your completed application PDF in your application submission email). Please RESPECT other businesses, Texas Trade Days business and shoppers! Just stay until we close. You just never know what may happen! Even busy vendors will start shopping later! Refer to the vendor policy on your application for more details.

Corporate Vendors:
If you need to leave, please do so carefully and let the coordinator or staff know you are beforehand, so that I can direct you to do so in the safest way possible that is also not disruptive of others. Your booth locations are located in such away to allow you do so as needed so that you’re not as disruptive to the market.

Also, please don’t sell your products at vendor booths. Drop off freebies, coupons and business cards with an invite to your booth for sales pitches.

Shopper Hawking:
You may politely say hi and invite customers in the aisles to come inside your booth. Don’t be obnoxious or chase them down, but you can grab their attention politely. Don’t pull them away from other vendor booths though!

Increase Sales:

Increase your sales chances with engagement! Smile, greet and talk with your shoppers! Our customer base responds incredibly well to vendors who are active, happy and attentive to them! Actively sell to them with questions, quick mentions of sales and product highlights, and demonstrations! Invite them to touch, feel, and try on your items! Also, give them time to think and quietly shop. Just be nearby and ready to help them close the sale!

Security will be on-site. If you have an immediate issue, don’t hesitate to go to them first, but please let the coordinator or staff know ASAP!

Venue Layout:

All spaces are under the Show Barn pavilion and 10 feet by 10 feet (10×10). You’ll need to bring your equipment (tents, tables, chairs, displays).

Venue Rules:

  1. No alcohol.
  2. No glass.
  3. No fastening items to anything other than your own equipment.
  4. No staking of any kind.
  5. Trash must be disposed of properly from the Show Barn and Restroom area.
  6. No food or beverages for on-site consumption may be sold at the market to the general public without prior approval and permits.
  7. No weapons, explosives. “No person may possess gunpowder or other combustibles, explosives or fireworks in the Park.”
  8. All city, county and state ordinances, regulations and statutes must be followed at all times.
  9. Trash must be disposed of properly from the Show Barn and Restroom area.
  10. All vendors, shoppers, contractors, employees, staff, volunteers are required to be on their best behavior and follow all city, county and state laws and venue rules.

Vendor Questions:

Vendors are highly encouraged to contact Texas Trade Days prior to their scheduled date(s) to get answers to their questions. Please do not wait until the last minute to ask. We get very busy and may not get back with you in time.

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