Vendors We’re Accepting

Texas Trade Days shoppers love our variety of vendors we offer at each market. We do not pre-book previous vendors from one event to the next. Instead, we open applications well in advance to all prospective vendors to keep our markets fresh, relevant and exciting!
How We Accept Vendors:

We accept a limited number of vendors based on the types of products sold. We accept similar vendors, but do not accept products that look as though they are the same as another. (Ex. Soy & Beeswax Candles will be accepted together, but not 2 soy or 2 beeswax, unless there is an obvious difference between the two.)



  • Handmade Vendors – 30%
  • Artists – 30%
  • Boutiques – 20%
  • Food – 10%
  • Corporate – 10%
  • Direct Sales – 12 vendors for every 50 vendors in attendance
  • Rummage – (Garage/Yard Sellers) as accepted


No 1 product type will exceed 15% of total vendors in each market.

Ex: 20 vendors × 15% = 3 vendors with the same product type

These ratios may be adjusted at anytime to meet the demands of our shoppers and/or to ensure a full market is available to them.

We’re looking for talented vendors skilled in the following crafts:

  • Stained Glass & Art Glass
  • Basket Weaving & Needlework
  • Metalwork & Woodwork
  • Ceramics & Sculpture

As well as Artists with a focus in:

  • Abstract Expressionism
  • Pre-Pop Art & Pop Art
  • Minimalism & Conceptualism
  • Including Traditional Oil, Watercolor, Mixed Media, Pastels, Lithography, Etching & Engraving, Encaustic, etc.

In addition to some of our other popular vendor types:

  • Children’s, Men’s & Women’s Boutiques
  • Jewelry Artisans
  • Home & Outdoor Decor
  • Health, Beauty & Fitness
  • Antiques, Repurposed & Vintage
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Specialty Shops
  • Holiday and More!

Direct Sales Vendors:

Texas Trade Days accepts a limited number of direct sales vendors for each market. All our direct sales vendors are experienced with our markets and have a high success rate with our shoppers! They have their own section of the market and offer cash and carry products, product demonstrations, and online ordering! Recruiting is never an issue with our carefully selected Direct Sales Consultants.

Rummage Sellers:

We accept top quality, friendly neighbors who want a fun way to sell their unwanted, gently used, G Rated items! Our standard vendor policy (found on our application) applies to you as well, just your product types will be different.