Vendor FAQs

Texas Trade Days is the market for Texas vendors! All events are focused on shopping. Our customers come to our events to shop quality, unique items as an alternative to busy malls, mundane and mass produced products, and seasonally static inventories.

About Our Shows:

We hold high demand single day shows at each of our venues! This creates a sense of urgency with our large following of very targeted buying shoppers!

Our smaller monthly community markets (Kingwood 4th Sunday Craft Show – Starting February 24, 2019) are perfect for vendors who are brand new to the event industry and are wanting more affordable ways to get their foot-in-the-door with Texas Trade Days!

Step up your game by signing up for our Fairgrounds events at Waller County Fairgrounds, Galveston County Fairgrounds and the Pasadena Fairgrounds! Get ready for the fair and rodeo season by warming up with any of our fairgrounds events!

We help you saddle up your business and learn the ropes of the fairgrounds by providing you with an affordable opportunity to work up to some of the biggest and best shows of the year! State Fair of Texas, anybody?

Be a regular vendor at each of our fairground venues for a well-rounded way to gain the experience your business needs to be the best at some of the best shows in Texas!

How We Advertise:

We advertise online to thousands of active followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Google+. We also have a strong internet presence on Google, Yahoo & Bing search engines, as well as some really awesome mentions on popular websites and local media channels! Take a look at some of those mentions here.

We also advertise each event on dozens of additional websites which share our events with their numerous partners, distribute flyers to thousands of customers via email and carefully targeted customer bases in our communities.

We grab roadside attention by our bright and well branded, full color signage that’s easy to read, allow for a colorful array of pop up tents and we provide thousands of customers with promotional materials throughout the year at our events!

Answers to Your Questions:

  • Are my products a good fit?
  • How do I find out if space for my product or company is already filled?
  • Are you accepting food vendors?
  • Where is your event located?
  • How many days are your events?
    • We only hold 1 day events at this time.
  • How much are your booth fees?
  • What do your booth fees cover?
    • Venue rental and security/damage deposits
    • Security, when needed
    • Additional vendor amenities
    • Event advertising
    • Application and payment processing fees
    • Operational costs
    • Labor costs
  • What is the estimated attendance for the event?
    • Smaller Community Events: 100-400+
    • Fairground Events: 200-800+
    • 2019 events are currently seeing a growth in attendance
  • What is the target customer (not attendee) for the event?
    • We target men, women and children of all ages who are interested in shopping at fairground events, street markets, trade days, crafters, artists, boutiques and more types of vendors.
    • We have noticed more women 30-55 are interested in our events online with men 40+ in attendance. Many families with 0-10 yrs, teens and 65+ also in attendance.
    • They are bargain hunters, pickers, junkers, money spenders on more upscale new and created items for personal accessory and care, home and outdoor decor, fashion, utility. 
    • They enjoy sales and discounts, but they don’t generally demand them.
  • Approximate number of actual buying customers witnessed at the last similar event held?
    • Smaller Community Events: 100-200
    • Fairground Events: 100-400 depending on location and weather
  • What is the overall estimated sales volume for the last similar event based on vendor feedback?
    • Smaller Community Events: Hundreds to low thousands
    • Fairground Events: Several thousand
  • What is the actual current response rates for this event? How are they tracked?
    • We track our events through Facebook and Eventbrite – no other ways are available at this time – does not include other forms of advertising.
    • Smaller Community Events: 300-2k
    • Fairground Events: 2k-15k depending on location and frequency of event held
  • What is the estimated attendance-to-response percentage of the last similar event held? What is the anticipated percentage for this event?
    • Smaller Community Events: 10-15% based on past history
    • Fairground Events: 10-35% depending on location and frequency
  • When do I find out if my application has been approved?
  • Where do I get the event details for the event I’m attending?
  • I’m brand new to events. Do you have tips to help me?
  • What is the Preferred Vendor Program?
    • It’s an additional Texas Trade Days, LLC vendor benefit to help motivated vendors get more exposure and help through us!
    • It’s an invite only program. Be your best and earn an invite card on market days!
    • Learn more here

Still Have Questions?

Send us an email or click the Facebook Messenger button at the bottom right of your screen!