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During market days, we interact regularly with our vendors and our customers to help make sure everyone is happy and everything is running smoothly. In doing so, we have compiled a list of tips that we believe will help you increase your sales and have more fun on market days!

Be Prepared

  1. Grab your checklist to make sure you have what you need for market day
  2. Check your market day emails for details and planning
  3. Get all your questions answered by us before the day of the market
  4. Plan to bring your clothes to change into before we open
  5. Make sure all electronics are fully charged
  6. Be sure to pack all your POS Systems, card readers, mobile battery packs, etc.
    • CASH: It is not necessary or recommended for you to bring cash, cash boxes, etc. for safety and loss prevention reasons. Customers usually use credit cards.
  7. Pack all packaging needed for customer purchases, including business cards
  8. Pack your drinks, lunch, medication and all items needed for the weather conditions


  1. Arrive early within the set up times
  2. Refer back to the market day email to help with initial arrival
  3. Check-in with staff – Staff wear designated shirts
  4. Move your vehicle as instructed prior to setting up
  5. Find your assigned space number

Setting Up

  1. Keep your items within your assigned space when setting up
  2. Move empty boxes, trash, etc. back to your vehicle as you set up
  3. Don’t encroach on your neighbor’s space
  4. Move your vehicle to the designated parking when you’re finished setting up

Booth Display Tips

  1. Keep your tall items closer to the back or the sides of the booth
  2. Don’t let your products block the entrance to your booth
  3. Place sale signs closer to the customer aisle to grab attention
  4. Keep all products, table cloths, weights, etc. out of the way of your customer’s path
  5. Use floor length table covers to neatly hide storage boxes, coolers & extra inventory
  6. Make sure all displays are neat, clean and stable


  1. Make eye contact and smile as customers pass
  2. Greet customers in a friendly and polite manner
  3. Introduce any sales and new products you have to offer
  4. Sit forward of your products and within your space
  5. Stand up and move in front of tables to assist customers
  6. Engage customers when you see they need help
  7. Offer any demonstrations you may have
  8. Give business cards, brochures, catalogs, flyers, etc. to all customers that stop at your booth
  9. Take breaks as needed to stay fresh in appearance, personality and mentality. Be sure to eat and stay hydrated during your breaks.
    • TIP: If you are working your booth by yourself, ask a neighbor to watch or find Texas Trade Days Staff to help watch your booth. Be sure to leave business cards out for potential customers. “Be right back” signs are also helpful.
  10. Thank all customers as they leave your booth

Tearing Down

  1. Wait until closing time or your last customer (whichever is later) before you start packing your booth to leave
  2. Pack all your items before you start loading
  3. Only move your vehicle when Texas Trade Days Staff has directed you to do so
  4. Watch for customers, especially kids, and other vendors when bringing your vehicle back to your area to load your items
  5. Take all trash to the proper receptacles or with you before you leave
  6. Make sure all boxes, bags and items have been cleared from your space
  7. Offer to help your neighbors if you see them struggling
  8. Say goodbyes before you leave


  1. Check-out with Staff before you leave
  2. Double check that you haven’t left anything behind
  3. Drive carefully through the grounds as you’re leaving
  4. Don’t count your money until you get home
  5. Enjoy a relaxing evening and eat well

More helpful tips can also be found in the Texas Trade Days Vendor Policy & Rules. Texas Trade Days, LLC strives for all vendors to be successful and happy at each market event. If you have additional questions, contact us.

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