Vendor Registration – Online Market

Be A Vendor for the Largest Online Trade Days in Texas!

Our popular local trade days markets are now online, all month long!

Sell, ship and deliver to our market shoppers on your schedule, anytime you want, in ways that best suit your business! You’ll reach thousands of our local and statewide shoppers, as well as have the opportunity to sell and ship anywhere in the USA!

Why it’s Great to Sell Online with Texas Trade Days!

  • Be a part of a well-known, sales producing market wherever you are in Texas!
  • You’ll have access to easy step-by-step vendor guide and personal support to set up your online booth.
  • We don’t charge additional fees on transactions.
  • Our market is available to shoppers 24/7 – no event countdowns, no restricted viewing, make $$ while you’re away!
  • Equal visibility on all product category pages through randomized sorting – no advertising competition!
  • Network with other Texas vendors online through our Facebook vendor group and WhatsApp Vendor Chat!

We’re Experienced with Trade Days Markets!

We’ve been holding traditional markets with a virtual online vendor booking and shopper outreach system since 2017. We know how to get you sales and reach the shoppers you want most!

How to Register

Registration is easy! Just complete our online “Texas 2-Step” vendor registration process to get started! Be sure to check out our Vendor FAQ section at the bottom of the page to get quick answers to some of our most commonly asked questions!

Step #1: Register for Your Vendor Account

Vendor Registration

Submit the form below to become a vendor on this store.

Important: This is the name that customers see when purchasing your products. Please choose carefully.

Step #2: Pay for Your Online Booth

Vendor FAQs

How much are online booths?

Online booth prices are shown on each listing. Our booth prices are flat rate with 100% commissions paid directly to each vendor. Vendors must have a PayPal account to receive their commissions.

What comes with my online booth?

You’ll receive access to your own vendor dashboard through Texas Trade Days where you can design your virtual booth, set up payment and shipping options, fulfill orders, collect sales tax, and other eCommerce activities. You’ll be able to list and sell an unlimited number of products all across our website to thousands of our shoppers all month long!

When do I have to renew my booth?

Monthly online booths need to be renewed by the first of every month to avoid vendor sales interruptions. If a vendor does not renew their booth, their store will be deleted on the first of the month.

How do I register to be a vendor?

Complete the vendor registration form above and make your first month’s payment. You’ll receive an email with further instructions when your application has been approved.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Applications without payment won’t be approved.
  • If your application was rejected, you’ll receive a 100% refund.
  • Applications will be approved by the Saturday following your submission.
Do I need a WordPress account?

Yes. You will need to use the email address you use for your WordPress account to access your vendor dashboard. We recommend creating an account just for your business. Use this email when registering above.

How do I set up my online vendor booth?

The Vendor Guide below is a great resource to help you set up your booth. Vendors will be assigned as a Vendor Admin.

Can MLM vendors participate?

Yes! Just be sure to designate your product listing as “external/affiliate” to link to your main company website to stay in compliance with your company’s policy.

Can shoppers search for a specific vendor?

The system doesn’t yet have this feature. However, we do list vendors on the Vendor Directory page. Also, your shop name will be shown on your product listings.

Do you need a Sales Tax ID or EIN to sell?

We don’t ask for this information. However, our payment processors and PayPal require this information for merchant/business accounts.

How are vendor sales refunds and exchanges handled?

Vendors are required to handle their sales transactions. Texas Trade Days does not handle vendor sales nor is Texas Trade Days responsible for the vendor’s business. It is recommended that vendors include their refund and exchange policy in each product description, even if vendors do not give refunds or exchanges.

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