Vendor FAQs

Traditional Market FAQs

Where can I get a schedule of your upcoming markets?

Our schedule is posted on our upcoming market calendar, and our applications. If you don’t see a date on the calendar or the applications, it is not available.

PLEASE NOTE: All our Kingwood Markets have been cancelled indefinitely.

How much are vendor spaces?

Current pricing is listed on the Vendor Information page and our applications. We don’t provide quotes over the phone, through email or otherwise state pricing differently than what is on our website.

All advertised sales are also posted on the Vendor Information page. If you don’t see a sale posted on our website, it has expired.

Are spaces currently available?

Yes. Our venues can hold hundreds of vendor spaces each. You need to check the Status and Availability page to check if a product category or MLM company has been closed/filled for a specific market. Product exclusivity is not provided. You are responsible for checking this page if your company requires only one representative per event.

Will you hold a space for me to pay closer to the market date?

No. You need to be prepared to submit your payment with your application. Applications without payment are not saved, processed or considered.

I’m a MLM Representative and see nobody from my company has signed up for future dates on the Status & Availability page. Can I sign up for those dates ahead of time?

Only if the dates are listed on the application. Otherwise, you need to wait until the applications open for those dates. Application open dates are listed on the Status and Availability page.

Where can I get the Market Day information you used to email?

Market Day information is located on the Market Details page for each venue. Links are found on the Vendor Information page.

Where can I find a list of your rules (Vendor Policy)?

Rules are located in the Vendor Policy section of our applications.

I’m a new vendor and haven’t done any markets yet. Can I still participate?

Of course! You’ll just need to submit photos of your booth and products with your application. If you don’t have booth photos yet, you can set up a mock-booth at home or a park to take photos to submit with your application.

Are your markets juried since I have to submit photos?

Partially. Your photos provide additional information to us that will help your application be approved.

I sell food. Can I participate?

It depends. You’ll first need to get your temporary food establishment permit and then contact Kristen by email to proceed. Some of our venues require fees, paperwork and approval, in addition to what we require.

COTTAGE FOOD/FARMS: You are required by the State of Texas to follow state laws around your business in order to not be required for a temporary food establishment permit. You must also display your current food handlers certification at your booth. Failure to do so may result in the health department, the venue, and/or TXTD closing your booth at market without refund.

I have a gift certificate for vendor credits and/or Vendor Drawing Voucher you issued me. How do I redeem them?

You can now redeem your vendor credits with the mail-in application and the online application.

Mail-in Application:

  • Follow the instructions on the application.

Online Application:

  • Email us letting us know how much you want to use of your vendor credits listed on your gift certificate.
    • You’ll receive a discount code to use on the current application in the email reply.
  • Enter the code in the discount code section of the online application and click calculate total.
  • Continue completing and submit the application as usual.

PLEASE NOTE: All vendor credits and vouchers issued in 2020 and 2021 expire with our last market of 2021. Please check your emails, certificates and vouchers for more information.

I submitted an annual application. Do I need to submit another?

Yes. The annual application was a convenience for our Kingwood markets only. All other markets at other venues require an application on file for each date.

I need to speak to someone. How can I contact you?

Email us. The best way to get your questions answered is through email. Email also provides a way of record keeping for all of us. For best practices, use the email address you use on your application.

Online Market FAQs

How much are online booths?

Online booth prices are shown on each listing. Our booth prices are flat rate with 100% commissions paid directly to each vendor. Vendors must have a PayPal account to receive their commissions.

What comes with my online booth?

You’ll receive access to your own vendor dashboard through Texas Trade Days where you can design your virtual booth, set up payment and shipping options, fulfill orders, collect sales tax, and other eCommerce activities. You’ll be able to list and sell an unlimited number of products all across our website to thousands of our shoppers all month long!

When do I have to renew my booth?

Monthly online booths need to be renewed by the first of every month to avoid vendor sales interruptions. If a vendor does not renew their booth, their store will be deleted on the first of the month.

How do I register to be a vendor?

Complete the vendor registration form above and make your first month’s payment. You’ll receive an email with further instructions when your application has been approved.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Applications without payment won’t be approved.
  • If your application was rejected, you’ll receive a 100% refund.
  • Applications will be approved by the Saturday following your submission.
Do I need a WordPress account?

Yes. You will need to use the email address you use for your WordPress account to access your vendor dashboard. We recommend creating an account just for your business. Use this email when registering above.

How do I set up my online vendor booth?

The Vendor Guide is a great resource to help you set up your booth, along with our video “Video #3: Online Vendor Booth Set Up” on our Vendor Learning Series page. Vendors will be assigned as a Vendor Admin.

Can MLM vendors participate?

Yes! Just be sure to designate your product listing as “external/affiliate” to link to your main company website to stay in compliance with your company’s policy.

Can shoppers search for a specific vendor?

The system doesn’t yet have this feature. However, we do list vendors on the Vendor Directory page. Also, your shop name will be shown on your product listings.

Do you need a Sales Tax ID or EIN to sell?

We don’t ask for this information. However, our payment processors and PayPal require this information for merchant/business accounts.

How are vendor sales refunds and exchanges handled?

Vendors are required to handle their sales transactions. Texas Trade Days does not handle vendor sales nor is Texas Trade Days responsible for the vendor’s business. It is recommended that vendors include their refund and exchange policy in each product description, even if vendors do not give refunds or exchanges.