Professional Pricing for Vendor Space Rentals Now Available | Texas Trade Days, LLC

Our rental spaces are now professionally priced to provide you with more accurate rates, transparency and clarity when booking your market dates with us!

We used our professional expertise to develop a vendor space pricing standard that can be used throughout the event industry to help you more clearly understand what you are paying when you choose to book your events, and we’re starting with ourselves!

We are proud to be the leading example in the Texas event industry by becoming possibly the first event services company to implement professional methods commonly used in other professional industries.

Our new professional pricing is just the first step in our professional development journey we’re bringing to you, our beloved small business owners! Take a look through our Q&As below to see how it works!

Why do I see “sq ft” listed?

“Sq ft” is short for square foot/feet. As you grow your business and start looking for storefront space, you’ll usually be looking at price per square foot. It’s a more precise and flexible way of pricing used by professionals when determining sales price and value.

What happened to the “10×10” spaces?

They’re still there! They’re now also listed by the square foot. Examples:

  • 6 ft x 5 ft = 30 sq ft (table space)
  • 10 ft x 10 ft = 100 sq ft (booth space)
  • 20 ft x 10 ft = 200 sq ft

Why do your ads show a small number for prices?

This gives you more clarity when selecting your space size and the location of your spaces. The total amount is still shown on the application, now also in their specified square foot increments.

Why did you switch?

Pricing is a science and an art. The event industry lacks a standard way to price vendor space rentals, so many organizers are left attempting to find the market rate (the rate at which you commonly pay). Many times, vendors pay too much money and organizers may lose too much money. This method creates balance which we are all desperately seeking in our industry.

How do I sign up for markets?

You’ll sign up for our markets just as you would normally. The pricing is for 1 space at its location as usual. We’re just providing you with more clarity before you book with us!

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