Christmas in July at Kingwood Trade Days

It’s Christmas in July at Kingwood Trade Days, y’all! Join us from 12 to 4 p.m. at Town Center Park to shop dozens of handcrafted and artisan vendors, specialty shops and boutiques, rummage sellers, and more! We’ll have the perfect Christmas and holiday gifts, fun holiday music, sweet treats and more, too! Come join the fun!

Free admission and parking. Family and pet friendly.

WHEN: Sunday, July 28, 2019

TIME: 12 to 4 PM

Kingwood Town Center Park

Address: 8 N Main, Kingwood, TX 77339

VENDORS: Apply online at


Christmas in July at Pasadena Trade Days

Texas Trade Days is back at the Pasadena Fairgrounds in Pasadena, TX for Pasadena Trade Days from 12 to 4 p.m.!

Shop dozens of handcrafted and artisan vendors, specialty shops and boutiques, rummage sellers and more!

Free Admission and Parking. Family Friendly.

Pasadena Fairgrounds Open Air BBQ Pavilion
7601 Red Bluff Rd, Pasadena, TX 77505

Gates Open: 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Vendor Details & Application:


June Cleveland Trade Days RESCHEDULED for September

IMPORTANT: June 16th Cleveland Trade Days is rescheduled to September 7th due to inclement weather forecasted this weekend through Tuesday.

Our original debut at the Stancil Expo Center is still scheduled for Saturday, July 27th from 12 to 6 p.m.

Vendor applications for this date are available at

Thank you for your patience and we hope you stay dry while enjoying your Father’s Day weekend!

BIG Win for Texas Cottage Food Laws & Vendors

Today marks a HUGE milestone for TX Cottage Food Vendors with the 86th Texas Legislature passing and now Governor Greg Abbott signing SB 572 (TX Cottage Food Freedom Bill). This law provides a lot of much needed updates to the current cottage food laws which helps small business/home-based “bakers.”

The TX Baker’s Bill Facebook page Admin and owner of, Kelley Masters, worked hard in Austin, TX this session to rally for the passing of SB 572 and HB 2108, as well as a few others. It took the entire community of Texas Cottage Food Vendors and supporters (like us) to push our state representatives and senators to get this much needed law on the desk of the Texas Governor.

We owe a HUGE thanks to Kelley Masters, Lois Kolkhorst, Eddie Rodriguez, the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance and Governor Greg Abbott for their dedication to these changes and Texas small businesses!

Kelley Posted a few details of the law on the TX Baker’s Bill Facebook page, effective September 1, 2019, as follows:

Read the bill:

A brief synopsis of the changes:

  • Direct sales at any location
  • Sales of any food that does not require time or temperature control
  • Local internet sales
  • Pickled and frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Acidified canned foods (including salsa if pH is 4.6 or below)
  • Fermented vegetables

Kelley also states a new FAQ section will be posted on this summer which will answer more questions. For now, more information can be found directly at

How does Texas Trade Days, LLC fit in with this?

Starting September 1, 2019, we can accept all Texas Cottage Food Vendors at our markets without having to go through the confusing permitting issues with the state and local health departments regarding TX Cottage Food Vendors.

By law, these types of vendors are offered protection from inspection requirements as long as they adhere to the TX Cottage Food Laws (read more here). As it stands, Cottage Food Vendors are at risk of health department violations when they attend our markets because we are not a qualifying event under the state health laws since we are a for-profit business (IRS category).

This new law update includes us in the list of locations Cottage Food Vendors can operate, starting September 1st! Texas Trade Days, LLC is the first year-round for-profit event company to openly accept all Texas Cottage Food Vendors after this date!

We’re extremely excited to help solve another community need for small businesses and now, local food deserts!

Our 2019 vendor application is already open to all vendors, so Texas Cottage Food Vendors can now begin applying TODAY for these dates by clicking this link.

Thank you again, to everyone involved, for all the hard work this bill took to be passed! We’re all very appreciative and look forward to doing our part to help local cottage food businesses succeed!

RESCHEDULED: Cleveland Trade Days – June 16, 2019

UPDATE: This market has been rescheduled for Sept 7th because of inclement weather forecasted for this weekend.


Get ready for Cleveland Trade Days at the Stancil Expo Center on June 16th!

Free Admission and Parking! Family Friendly Local Shopping!

Handmade · Rummage · Specialty Shops · Boutiques and More!

Address: 211 Peach Ave, Cleveland, TX

Vendor spaces still available. Click the Vendor Application link in the menu above to submit your online application or click HERE to apply.

Tips to Combat Customer Sales Lows at Markets

A lot of retail stores see a slowdown in customers around 2 to 3 p.m., including weekends. Everyone dreads it. You’ll even see employees more focused on tasks to occupy themselves through these times. Many retailers use “tricks” to help attract more foot traffic and increase sales volume during these times by announcing spontaneous sales discounts during random times in these typical and annoying customer traffic and sales “lulls.”

Pop-Up Markets see these same lulls, usually after about 2 to 3 hours of being open, no matter the opening times. Texas Trade Days experiences it, too. We hate it just as much as our vendors and we do what we can to help out, but there’s only so much we can do since shoppers are not buying directly from us.

Customers love to shop pop-up markets early to get the best selection of inventory before it’s all picked over, some expect early bird sales and last day sales from vendors, too. However, 1 day markets don’t really have the opportunity to offer last day vendor sales to customers. So, how do we work with customer expectations and keep them coming to the market until we close?

It takes vendors to be active in this battle by offering random sales discounts, especially when foot traffic is low! Texas Trade Days will help promote vendor sales announcements randomly during these lulls, too!

Here’s what Carol Parker, Broker-Owner, recommends to vendors:


A surprised customer! Wow! 50% off the regular price on your product, or 10%, 20%, 30% and more! Who can resist that? Not many.
Many retailers use different methods. Here are some I’ve seen and I think it’s worth a try at our market events.

Offer a sale when you see a customer low. Post on social media at the time your sale begins, eg., 3:00 to 4:00 (to closing, etc.) Put signs up at your booth during that time. A sale can occur in many ways, eg.:

10% off = $1 off a $10 product
20% off = $2 off a $10 product
30% off = $3 off a $10 product
40% off = $4 off a $10 product
50% off = $5 off a $10 product

Using larger numbers, 20% off= $20 off a $100 product.

There are many ways to set up sales for your products. *One warning for Texas sellers is: You cannot raise your prices to offset your lower sales prices when you advertise or offer sales prices. The sales must truly be lower prices from your regular sales prices.

To be effective, these sales should be random (times, events, etc.) and not predictable. The amount of sales on your products should also vary (10% off one time, 30% off another time, etc.).

The goal is to get more buyers to see these random sales and drive them to your booth! This is helping other retailers fight that customer “low” and I believe, if it’s done right, it can help us overcome it and make more money!

REMEMBER! The key is customer surprise. Unless you want to offer an all day sale, don’t tell your customers you’re offering a sale until later in the day. Telling them early will hurt your purpose to fight against “the customer low.”

Good luck!

Kingwood Trade Days – April 28th

Join us for Kingwood Trade Days on April 28, 2019 from 12 to 4 pm at the Town Center Park in Kingwood!

Enjoy a beautiful day in the park while shopping local! Our specially selected vendors range from high quality local artisans, artists and skilled crafters to specialty shops and boutiques!

Kingwood Trade Days happens every 4th Sunday from February through November, rain or shine!

Free Admission and Parking! Family and Pet Friendly!

Address: 8 N Main, Kingwood, TX 77339

See you Sunday!

Need vendor info: Click the Vendor Application link in our website menu

Vendor Learning Series: How to Choose & Use Tent Weights

Using the proper tent weights for your canopy tent at outdoor markets is very important to keep you and your customers safe. This Vendor Learning Series Topic will help you choose the best tent weights and how to use them properly. Let’s get started!

What Are Tent Weights & Why Use Them?

There are specially designed weights for canopy tents to help keep them on the ground, instead of flying away in breezy to windy conditions outdoors. Tent weights are designed to hold a specific amount of weighting material (sand or gravel) and are attached to each leg of a canopy tent once the tent is erected.

When used properly, these tent weights reduce the risk of the canopy tent flying away in breezy to windy outdoor conditions and causing damage to yourself, your vendor neighbors, customers and property nearby which you could be liable.

There are many types of tent weights used by vendors which include DIY concrete or water weights, concrete cinder blocks, “donut” plate weights and sandbag tent weights. We’ll discuss the 3 most commonly used weights we see at Texas Trade Days, LLC market events.

MUST GET: Sandbag Tent Weights

Texas Trade Days, LLC HIGHLY recommends the use of sandbag weights. They’re an affordable investment compared to other options and are typically accepted by any event you participate in. These sandbag weights are specially designed for canopy tents and their commercial versions as well.

TIP: Wrap rope or para-cord around the top frames of the tent that meets each leg and loop it through the sandbag weight. Do this for each tent leg and each weight, separately.

TXTD REQUIRES: 35-45 lbs weights on each leg of the canopy tent.

Watch our short video below for details.

TEMPORARY USE: “2 Hole” Concrete Cinder Blocks

Texas Trade Days, LLC DOES allow the temporary and safe use of these concrete cinder blocks, MOST events do not allow them. We expect vendors to get the sandbag weights as soon as possible.

TIP: Wrap rope or para-cord around the top frames of the tent that meets each leg and loop it through the middle part of the cinder block. Do this for each tent leg and each cinder block, separately.

Watch our short video below for details.

AVOID: “Donut” Plate Weights

These weights are generally very expensive and are not usually more than 5 lbs each, no matter their size. Texas Trade Days, LLC and most other good events do not allow these plate weights to be used, especially when tent staking is not possible or allowed. This type of weight provides a false sense of security to vendors and does not reduce the risk of bodily injury and property damage, and vendor liability.

Watch our short video below for details.

Always Consider Safety

There is an endless amount of stories told by experienced vendors about tents flying away and the damage that happens. Protect yourself and your business by investing in good tent weights for your canopy tent. Texas Trade Days, LLC promotes vendor and shopper safety at all our market events. We hope this Vendor Learning Series Topic helps you.

Vendor Booth Set Up Tips

Tips to Help You:

Finding the right equipment can be difficult for new and seasoned vendors. Our vendor tips will help you succeed at any event you choose to attend throughout your career whether you choose to set up at outdoor markets, arts and craft shows, fairs and rodeos, festivals, markets, farmer’s markets, street fairs or any other event!

Our tips are based on thorough research of various special event vendor requirements in Texas, as well as experiences at our hosted events!

Customers and attendees respond exceptionally well to vendor booths that are well planned, safely designed and organized! Help increase your sales by reviewing our tips below:

NOTE: We do not receive referral compensation for any of the items listed and are not an affiliate company.

10×10 Straight Leg Canopy Tent


Make sure your 10 ft x 10 ft canopy tent is a straight leg canopy! It should be 10×10 at the top and at the bottom. Beware of the 10 ft x 10 ft BASE tents. Any solid color top and corporate logos are allowed at our markets. See the video below:

Canopy Tent Weights

TEMPORARY: “2 Hole” Concrete Cinder Blocks

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is concrete-block-cinder-block.jpg

Texas Trade Days, LLC loves helping new vendors get started through our markets, so we allow “start-ups” to use these cinder blocks temporarily before making the investment for the sandbag weights. Think Safety First!

The photo below shows unapproved weighting on the tent (left arrow) that is only at 5 lbs on the leg. It also shows unsafe use of the concrete cinder blocks (right arrow).


AVOID: “Donut” Plate Weights for Canopy Tents

These weights are found in the same aisle as the canopy tents in the camping section. Texas Trade Days, LLC requires 35-45 lbs of weight per leg in case of windy conditions. We DO NOT recommend using these for your vendor booth tents! See why in our video below:

MUST GET: Sandbag Tent Weights


These are one of the more commonly desired types of weights for outdoor markets. You’ll need to fill them with play sand or gravel/river rocks. We strongly recommend our outdoor vendors to use these. Many times, tent staking isn’t possible. One sandbag per leg of your tent is required at our events. Use rope or para-cord to anchor the top of the tent to the weights as well. See our video below:

Do not double bag 2 legs and leave the remaining 2 legs unweighted!

Carts & Dollies

Using carts and dollies to help you transport your equipment and products to your vendor booth space will help you save a lot of time and effort when you aren’t able to park near your booth space. These carts can be found at a variety of stores like Wal-Mart and Academy. See our video below:

6 ft Commercial Folding Tables

White commercial folding tables can be found anywhere. You’ll want to make sure everything locks in place and will release prior to purchasing. You don’t want to find issues the day of your market.

Fitted Table Covers

Where to Find:  Try and Amazon


Table cloths seem like an easy purchase, but getting the right one for our weather conditions can be an expensive task. You want table covers to be long enough to hide your storage boxes, coolers, packaging supplies and anything else that may clutter your booth. You also need them to stay put in windy conditions and not to ruin if a rain cloud is overhead.

Custom Banners

Where to Find: Local sign shop or EZ Up


You definitely want to advertise who you are to market customers as they walk by and a nice looking banner that clearly states who you are and what you sell is key. Many markets have size maximums that are around 2×10ft to 3×10ft.

A 2×10 ft banners are hung from a canopy tent top on the inside back frame or outside front frame. A 2×6 or 3×6 ft banner is usually hung from a front facing table.

EZ Up has a custom banner printing service that’s pretty reasonably priced as well and their banners are designed to be hung from their canopy tents. You’ll want to talk to them about pricing first.

Outdoor Booth Design Tips:

Selling outdoors can be fun and challenging. However, you usually have more flexibility with your booth design. Outdoor events can be a great way to use your large grid and shelving systems, sidewalls as dividers, larger signage and more! Just keep in mind the amount of time you are given by the event to set up and tear down. Texas Trade Days, LLC gives vendors 2 hours to set up and about 1.5 hours to tear down.

Here are some of our favorite set ups we found online!

When vendors have professional, safe and well designed booth spaces, customers respond more positively and become more confident when shopping your booth. Combine it with a friendly attitude and willingness to help your shoppers, it’s definitely worth the additional cost for a well planned booth design! We hope these tips help you!