Starting Your Business

We receive a lot of questions about how to start businesses, and what permits or licenses are needed to run a business. Texas Trade Days, LLC doesn’t have additional requirements for businesses outside of what the state requires, so we compiled the list below to help guide you while you develop your business.

DISCLAIMER: This list is not all inclusive. There may be additional requirements, or a change in requirements. We always recommend seeking advice from an attorney. We cannot provide legal advice about your business.

We also recommend contacting these agencies directly for assistance.

State Agencies:


Business/Vendor Insurance:

TXTD Vendor Learning Series:

Our vendor learning series helps vendor prepare their business for success at our markets and in business. Our topics are broken down into easy to understand sections that can be used immediately.

The following list of suppliers are provided as a courtesy to you. We do not recommend specific companies, handle disputes or attest to the business practices of these companies. Texas Trade Days, LLC does not receive compensation from the companies in this list.