New Vendors

Welcome Prospective New Vendors!

This page is designed to help you  through our vendor selection, application, communication, market day, returning vendor processes and more. It’s easy to get through, but you should be careful to read everything we provide you.

A Little About Us:

We started off as a small community market in Kemah and Santa Fe, Texas, and within our 2nd year we have grown to offer moderate to large markets at popular local fairgrounds by demand! We’re growing steadily and are very excited you are interested in joining our vendor family!

We’re a small hometown style market that operates like a big event. We help prepare vendors for larger events, rodeos and more through our policies, venue types and market day operations. We’re all about growing, not only ourselves, but our vendors! We’re the perfect event to earn your experience, refine your style and step up your game!

You can read more about us here.

What We Do:

Texas Trade Days Markets are held every month throughout the year at popular Texas rodeo fairgrounds and community places. We help local vendors connect with their communities and provide statewide vendors opportunities to reach new customers!

How We Advertise:

We advertise to each market’s local community and statewide drawing a very targeted following of buying shoppers to each event! We have tens of thousands of website views, and thousands of email and blog subscribers who receive our weekly emails and blog posts. We also have thousands of very engaging social media followers who love all types of trade days, flea markets, rummage sales, farmer’s markets, fairs and rodeos, and festivals where they have fun shopping with their friends and family! 

Continue reading about how we advertise and more

How We Book Vendors:

Our markets are semi-juried events with limited spaces for each product category. We offer several ways for vendors to get the most out of Texas Trade Days.

  1. We help new vendors get established with us by staying in contact with them before, during and after each market they do until they are comfortable.
  2. We carefully select high quality vendors our very targeted shoppers are looking for that are also a good fit with our style of events and our current vendors!
  3. Each product category is given a certain percentage of overall vendor spaces already booked. See more here.
  4. We have a dedicated page for you to check which products and/or categories have already filled for each market date. We recommend checking this page BEFORE you submit your application.

Before You Apply: 

You’ll want to read our Application Terms/Vendor Policy before you submit your application. Texas Trade Days is very similar to other events of the same type, but we’re also different in some ways! So, you’ll want to be sure to read all the information we have out for you on our website and our applications. We’re here to help, so if you still have questions or need clarification about something, send us an email and we’ll do our best!


You’ll need to submit at least 4 photos on the application that showcase the products you list on your application, including a booth photo. (If you’re just starting out, a booth photo is not needed.) These photos may be used with the advertising we do for the events you want to attend. Choose your photos carefully and before you start your application.


Though we don’t ask to see your business documents, you should have your Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit issued by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. In most cases, the State of Texas requires sellers to have one. Read more about this topic here.

We DON’T Need:

You don’t need these documents to be a vendor with us. Most times, these documents are only for your records and business matters. Professional licenses may need to be displayed at your booth depending on what services (if any) you offer on-site.

  • IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN) Letter
  • DBA, Certificate of Formation
  • Professional Licenses, etc.

There are some cases where copies of a professional license or other types of permits may need to be emailed to us, but we will let you know if we need them from you if you offer licensed professional services or food concessions on-site. You can always send us an email beforehand to verify if we need those copies. Otherwise, if it isn’t listed on the application, we generally don’t need to see the documents.

NOTE: Keep your records organized in the event something comes up where they are needed. A well organized business serves itself the best.

Application Process:

We have an online application for you to complete. This can be done on your phone or on the computer. Make sure you have a good internet connection to help make the process easier and to save you time. The more complete your application is, the better we can serve you.

We only accept our online application on the Vendor Application/Registration page. We don’t accept:

  • In-Person Applications
  • Mailed Applications
  • Emailed Applications
  • No Applications

Vendors are required to successfully submit the online application and payment before they are considered for space at any of our events. Once you complete the vendor application and click submit, you will be taken to PayPal’s checkout page to make your payment.

Don’t worry about the Preferred Vendor Program right now. We just offer it as an additional service to help vendors get more out of Texas Trade Days.

Payment Process:

You can choose to book one market at a time or all of them! The choice is yours. If your booth fee totals are over $99 we have allowed PayPal to offer their financing to you at checkout.

You don’t need to have a PayPal account to make a credit card payment, but it’s helpful if you do! PayPal is an easy way for vendors to keep payment records!

Once you make a payment, your application is complete. You will receive a PayPal email with your payment receipt. Our online form company will also send you an emailed copy of your completed application. Please keep both of these emails for your records and refer to them if you have questions. 

After You Apply:

You will be listed as an approved vendor on the page below. Click the link to check your status by each Friday following your submission.

If your application was denied, check your email for your refund from

Texas Trade Days, LLC processes a high volume of applications every week, so we usually do not send confirmation emails. We add approved vendors to our list on the Approved Application List page at the link above. It’s each vendor’s responsibility to check this page regularly until they either see their company name listed or receive a refund email from PayPal.

We may not respond to approval/confirmation inquiries during busy times, and the times we do, we’ll refer you to the link above which is also on our Vendor Application/Registration page.


We stay in communication with our vendors regularly. We send emails about market dates, booking opportunities, reschedules, changes and more. We also respond to questions and highly suggest vendors email us as their preferred form of communication with us, especially for important business matters.

If something comes up or if you have an issue, we need you to email us so that we can try to resolve any issues promptly before it’s too late. You can email any email address you see listed for us, but we recommend you email

Market Day Process:

We try to send emails to vendors the week before each event date with the information on the Market Day Set Up Details page. You’ll click the link to the venue you booked to get the information.

Returning Vendor Process:

Any time you want to sign up for additional dates, you can simply complete another online application and select the date(s) you want to book. The process stays the same!

Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor for Texas Trade Days! We appreciate all of you, and look forward to a positive and successful business relationship with you!