New Vendor Text Notification & Alert System

Texas Trade Days, LLC now has a new vendor text notification and alert system! This system allows us to send you instant text notifications and alerts on market days. We will start using this system on February 10, 2019.

We consider this our “Silent Alert” system which keeps everyone in-the-know without disrupting market day business. We’re excited to be able to finally bring this much requested feature to all of you this year!

How it works:

The system allows the coordinator to send a bulk text to all vendors at the market for quick communication to each vendor. These texts are meant for each vendor to receive. Private messages are still texted between the individual vendor and the coordinator through the main business number.

Who it’s for:

  • TXTD and all the vendors for the current market day

What it’s for:

  • Allows TXTD to quickly send market day vendors reminders, important notices and alerts on market day, such as:
    • Weather Alerts
    • Security Alerts
    • Venue Alerts
    • Be On The Lookout (BOLO) Alerts
    • Tear Down Notices
    • Activity Reminders

What to do next?

Nothing! Everyone has been set up to receive our notices and alerts with the phone number listed on their application. No other actions are required.

What Number Sends Texts?

There is a separate phone number for this system which cannot receive text replies or phone calls. It is only used for outbound SMS/MMS messages. The last four digits are 0095 – the difference from our main business number.

If you need to send a reply, text our main business number at 936-463-8049.

Confidentiality & SPAM

Texas Trade Days, LLC does not share, sell or distribute phone numbers and other sensitive information with anyone, unless otherwise required by law.

Texas Trade Days, LLC does not use this system for advertising. It is strictly for market day notifications and alerts.

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