Goodbye Vendor Discussion Group. Hello New Opportunities!

Hello, Vendors! I wanted to let you know that I have disbanded our Facebook vendor discussion group.

We have fully integrated our website to our email system and have streamlined our professional methods of communication to better serve your needs.

However, I have created a Vendor & Shopper group for you. We have a very engaging following of shoppers and I want you to take advantage of this new group which will connect both of you who are on Facebook.

Previous & current vendors are free to advertise in the group. All others, please hold back on advertising until we get you on our roster.

The new group can be found at

2019 not only continues as another blessed year of growth, but is also a year of professional development, and new opportunities for you and the communities we serve.

2019 is also a very busy year for me as well. I’ll be back in college, completing my real estate classes for my broker’s license and studying for its state exam, and working with Carol Parker on a few major projects for Texas Trade Days, LLC development, all in addition to helping you, advertising for our 23 upcoming markets and running the show! Whew!

Since I’ll be very focused and busy, I’m limiting business communication to email where I can better serve you with your needs.

Please direct all your inquiries and business communication to

Vendor details and applications are online at which has all 2019 dates available to book. The website is also full of helpful information for you.

Thank you for your business and I look forward to working with all of you this year.

Best wishes,

Kristen M. Parker


Texas Trade Days, LLC

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