Market Day Info: Galveston County

Location: Galveston County Fairgrounds – Cook-off Grounds/Old Midway
10 Jack Brooks Rd, Hwy 6, Hitchcock, TX 77563

Set Up: 10 am to 12 pm
Gates Open: 12 pm to 6 pm
Tear Down:  6 pm to 7:30

First Come, First to Set Up!

When you arrive:

  • Refer to this page
  • Wait in the main parking lot until check-in
  • Unload from where you are directed at check-in
  • Park as directed at check-in

Park in the grassy area next to the market area, unless otherwise directed by staff. If it is muddy or there isn’t anymore room, park in the main Parking Lot. Keep the market grounds cleared of vehicles at all times after loading and unloading.

Food & Drink:
We may not have food trucks or concessions. Bring your own food & drink. Large meals should be eaten in your vehicles. No glass containers. Please take your trash with you.

Please take your trash with you. Be sure to bring your own trash bags. 

Ground Covers:
If you wish to bring a rug, outdoor ground cover, etc., please use it in a safe way! If we ask you to adjust or remove it, please do so.

Please be mindful of other businesses, Texas Trade Days business and shoppers! Just stay until we close. You just never know what may happen! Even busy vendors will start shopping later! Refer to the vendor policy on your application for more details. PLUS, we may have a vendor gift drawing at the end of the market, so be sure to bring your business cards because we will collect them at the end when we do!

Shopper Hawking:
You may politely say hi and invite customers in the aisles to come inside your booth. Don’t be obnoxious or chase them down, but you can grab their attention politely. Don’t pull them away from other vendor booths though!

Increase Sales:

Increase your sales chances with engagement! Smile, greet and talk with your shoppers! Our customer base responds incredibly well to vendors who are active, happy and attentive to them! Actively sell to them with questions, quick mentions of sales and product highlights, and demonstrations! Invite them to touch, feel, and try on your items! Also, give them time to think and quietly shop. Just be nearby and ready to help them close the sale!


Most retail stores see a sales lull around 2 pm to 3 pm which continues until the evening hours. Pop Up markets experience this same lull after 2 to 3 hours of being open. Let’s help keep the shoppers coming by throwing sales! We’ll announce sales around 2 to 3 pm on our social media! We invite you to do the same!

Outdoor Market:

This is an outdoor market. Every vendor must have a tent and at least 30-45 lbs of weight on each leg of their tent! Vendors without proper weights and/or tents in good condition will not be allowed to use their tent and risk having to leave early for health and safety concerns by staff.

First Aid:

We have a first aid kit if you or a customer needs it. If you notice anyone hurt, not feeling well, etc. please let us know, so we can help.

Advertise on Facebook:

Advertise your specials and sneak peeks in our Facebook events that you’re attending:

Venue Layout:

The market area is to the right of the main road to the midway. Vendors set up in rows starting closest to the entrance gate and ending at the hwy 6 fence. You will be directed at check-in.

Additional Venue Rules:

  1. No alcohol.
  2. No glass.
  3. No fastening items to anything other than your own equipment.
  4. No staking of any kind.
  5. Trash must be disposed of properly from the Show Barn and Restroom area.
  6. No food or beverages for on-site consumption may be sold at the market to the general public without prior approval and permits.
  7. No weapons, explosives. “No person may possess gunpowder or other combustibles, explosives or fireworks in the Park.”
  8. All city, county and state ordinances, regulations and statutes must be followed at all times.
  9. Trash must be disposed of properly from the Show Barn and Restroom area.
  10. All vendors, shoppers, contractors, employees, staff, volunteers are required to be on their best behavior and follow all city, county and state laws and venue rules.


Feel free to save and share the market flyers below.

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