FAQs | Texas Trade Days, LLC

Welcome to Texas Trade Days, LLC! This page is updated regularly with our answers to commonly asked questions from our shoppers, vendors and venues!

How often do you hold events?

We typically hold at least 2 markets each month. We generally have 1 fairground market and 1 community market each month in 2019. Some months may have more than 1 fairground market scheduled.

Does is cost anything to get in and park?

No. We currently offer free admission and parking!

Are tickets required?

No. Come as you are and bring everyone!

Are your events family friendly?

Yes! We welcome all ages and families. Our vendors do not sell items that are not family friendly. We don’t allow alcohol, weapon, sexually explicit items to be sold at any of our markets.

Is handicap parking available?

Yes. Our venues are public venues which are required to be handicap accessible with parking available. Our locations are generally scooter, stroller, wagon, walker and wheelchair friendly.

Do you have scooter, stroller or golf cart rentals available?

No. Our markets are not big enough to have this option at this time. We request you bring your own if these accommodations are needed.

Do you have live performers?

No. In order for us to continue to support our small business community, we do not hire live performers. However, we are very community focused! If you want to participate, we offer a “Picker’s Circle” area at each market for anyone in the local community to bring a chair, instrument and friends to jam! Other live performers need to email the Owner-Market Coordinator to make arrangements. Kid’s “make & take,” facepainting, crafting and other non-food activity/demonstration booths are preferred.

Where do you advertise?

We advertise through Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines, as well as local news sites such as ABC13, KHOU11, KPRC2 (Click2Houston), Houston Chronicle, Eventbrite, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more! We also send flyers throughout the local communities and our shoppers! Thousands of our website and email subscribers also receive our emails for upcoming markets! Check out our press list!

How much foot traffic do your markets have?

Our foot traffic generally ranges from a few hundred shoppers on a slow day to over a thousand shoppers on a busy day. Our fairgrounds markets typically provide more foot traffic and more actual shoppers.

How much are your booth prices?

Our booth rental prices vary by venue and booth location. Prices are found on our online application HERE. We are flat rate, which means we do not collect a percentage of our vendor’s sales at our markets. You keep everything you earn! You only pay for your space rental.

How much are your commercial food spaces?

Commercial Food Vendors are those who are operating a “brick & mortar” restaurant, food truck or food concession booth. Space rental prices are the same whether you are serving food in a booth or out of a truck/trailer. Our prices vary by venue. We are also flat rate, which means we do not collect a percentage of our commercial food vendor’s sales.

  • Washington County Fairgrounds – (Brenham): Fairgrounds Management collects a percentage of sales from commercial food vendors. Your information will be forwarded to the fairgrounds management once you submit your application for us.

How many vendors do your markets have?

Our markets are currently rebounding back to pre-Hurricane Harvey numbers. We originally averaged over 30 vendors per market in 2017 before Harvey at our community markets and dropped to over a dozen right after Harvey through 2018 – which began seeing over 20. The largest number we booked for 1 market was about 100, but the Santa Fe High School Shooting dropped our actual attendance number to just over 50 vendors. Now, we are averaging around several dozen vendors at each market with the fairgrounds markets seeing as many as over 50 and our community market generally see over 30 most dates. Numbers are still fluctuating, but we are seeing positive rebound and growth with a lot of regularly returning vendors, many we’ve had since we started! Each of our venues hold at least 100 vendors! Become a vendor HERE. Our shoppers are looking for you!

Do you provide tables & chairs?

No. We do not rent or loan any equipment to vendors. If you don’t have a tent and weights, some of our markets offer covered pavilion spaces.

Is a Texas Sales & Use Tax Permit required?

You’ll need to contact the Texas Comptroller of Public accounts for more information. You can call them at 800-252-5555

Is a Temporary Food Establishment Permit required?

Please see our Commercial Food Vendor section of our application for specific information. Cottage Food (after Sept. 1, 2019): You will need one if you provide samples. See the section at the link above for permit info.

Do you provide TABC permits?

No. We do not allow the sales or promotion of alcoholic beverages. Local winery/brewery information booths may be allowed. Please contact the Owner-Market Coordinator to discuss details before applying. “Wine at Home” vendors are not allowed.

Do you allow CBD/Hemp Oil vendors?

Not at this time.

Do you allow knives and antique guns to be sold?

No. This is strictly against our vendor policy.