Corporate Vendor Information

Becoming a Corporate Vendor is a unique opportunity for corporate businesses to participate at any Texas Trade Days events. Our corporate vendors standout from our standard vendors and receive great perks not available to them.

As a Corporate Vendor, you help give an extra boost to our small business vendors through increased advertising, shopper attractions, incentives and upgraded amenities both they and their customers enjoy! Your participation in our markets shows your desire to be the leading example and inspiration to today’s small businesses. We welcome you and invite you to become a 2019 Corporate Vendor Sponsor!

Who Qualifies to Be A Corporate Vendor:

Corporate vendors are non-traditional home-based vendors whose products/services are, but not limited to: (whether independently owned/operated, independent contractors, employees, etc. with the exception of mobile human or animal therapeutic or cosmetic services offered directly by the licensed practitioner)

  • Any business required to be licensed in the State of Texas for operations, promotions of products or services
  • Corporate Company Representatives & Employees
  • Independent Contractors of Corporate Businesses (MLM Consultants excluded)
  • Independent Contractors of Professional Services
  • Vendors who only have promotional or advertising information – no on-site products are sold
  • Brick-and-Mortar Businesses (Boutiques excluded)
  • and Similar Types of Businesses

Corporate Vendor Type Examples:

  • Energy Companies and Representatives
  • Insurance Agents
  • Cellular, Wireless, Internet, and Cable Service Providers and Representatives
  • Public & Private Colleges/Universities
  • Dentistry
  • Attorneys
  • Real Estate Brokerages, Brokers and Agents (REALTORS)
  • Home Improvement & Real Estate Settlement Service Providers
  • Third-Party Service Brokers and Dealers
  • Automotive/ATV/RV Shops, Dealerships and Manufacturers
  • Grocery, Retail & Department Stores and Representatives
  • Cemeteries & Mortuaries (not accepted)
  • Politicians, Lobbyists & Political Campaigns (not accepted)
  • Churches & Religious Organizations (not accepted)
  • Child Advocacy Groups (not accepted)
  • Non-Profit Organizations raising awareness, fundraising and raffling – otherwise not selling a product (Animal Shelters & Rescues excluded; Blood & Item Donation Collections excluded)
  • and Similar Types of Businesses

Corporate Vendor Benefits:

As a Corporate Vendor, you’ll receive benefits beyond what the standard vendor receives. Your participation is a combination of a market vendor and a sponsor, but are treated as event sponsors.

  • More Advertising to our shoppers through:
    • Weekly emails to thousands of our targeted email subscribers
    • Weekly promotions shared to thousands of targeted followers on Facebook & Twitter
    • Promotional #Sponsored post in our Facebook Events created for the markets you attend
    • Your own blog page on our website with enhanced SEO, RSS Delivery and Back Links to your website with Tens of Thousands of visitors, subscribers and shoppers
  • Get a prominent location at the front of the main event area for your 10×10 to 12×12 Corporate Tent
  • Get to greet customers entering the market area and walk customer aisles with your info, promotional giveaways and business cards
  • Get to meet and introduce yourself to the vendors
  • Have the flexibility to tear down your booth when you need to leave

Best of Both Worlds Grows Our Communities:

Corporate Vendors get the best of both worlds at Texas Trade Days market events without paying thousands of dollars for event Sponsorship. Your decision to join us helps us provide more “extras” to our vendors and shoppers to create a unique and thriving small business community while helping you achieve your sales and marketing goals!

How to Become a Corporate Vendor:

Thank you for helping us strengthen the small business community!

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