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Dear Vendors,

We regret to inform you that we became aware of an unauthorized use of our Vendor Policy & Agreement on October 22, 2019 by Happy Garren Productions, who is also operating markets in the Greater Houston-Galveston, Texas area. We have found at least 2 separate agreements used by Happy Garren Productions on their website, which were copied verbatim from multiple agreements of ours and used our business name. None of our applications, policies, agreements or any other information of Texas Trade Days, LLC has been authorized to be used by others. Texas Trade Days, LLC also has not helped others with the creation of any applications, policies, or agreements for free or with any expectation of compensation from them, which in doing so would be considered unauthorized practice of law.

We do not know how long in the past these agreements have been misused by Happy Garren Productions with its vendors, and nor do we know how far in the future these agreements may have an affect on both Texas Trade Days, LLC and Happy Garren Productions. We also do not know how the misuse of the agreements by Happy Garren Productions will affect any vendor in which they have an application on file with Happy Garren Productions during the time of the misuse.

Since Texas Trade Days, LLC never authorized any of our applications, policies agreements or other information of ours by Happy Garren Productions, we are not responsible for any actions taken by vendors against Happy Garren Productions. Texas Trade Days, LLC is also not responsible for any actions, claims or settlements by vendors arising out of the acts of Happy Garren Productions. As a Happy Garren Productions vendor, if you are affected by any action of Happy Garren Productions and have an application on file during the misuse of our agreements, we strongly recommend checking your records for this issue, organizing your records for safe keeping, and to seek advice from an attorney. 

Texas Trade Days, LLC has sent a Cease and Desist Letter to Happy Garren Productions, which we have attached along with basic information for your reference below. 

This is a very unfortunate situation for everyone. Please know we are working hard to stop future misuse occurrences by Happy Garren Productions, as well as working hard for a brighter future of our industry.

Thank you.

Happy Garren Productions Cease and Desist Letter page 1

Happy Garren Productions Cease and Desist Letter page 2

Happy Garren Productions Cease and Desist Letter page 3

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