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We’re all told that having a Facebook Business Page is an absolute must for our business, but how do we create one? What do we do with it once we have created one? How do I know it’s working like it should for my business?

This video series is a guided tour through the creation process and various features of a Facebook Business Page. More videos will be added soon, so check back regularly!

Let’s Get Started:

Get comfy, grab a notebook for notes or work through the process on your computer with us by:

  • Opening Facebook in another browser window
  • Reducing the size of this window and the new Facebook window
  • Align the windows side-by-side
  • Play and pause the video as you work through your Facebook page


Let us know what your takeaways are and any tips you want to share in the comment section of this page!

Creating a Facebook Business Page:

This video walks you through the Facebook Business Page creation process. It’s a good video for those who have already created their page, too! See all the features, double-check your work and grab a few tips along the way!

How a Facebook Business Page Looks When Running:

This video shows you how the standard features look after you created your page while it’s running. Get an idea about how insights look and compare to your current page, as well as some tips about features and new features that show after your Facebook Business Page begins to track stats.

Adding the Facebook Business Page Shop Section:

This video shows you how to add the shop section to your Facebook Business Page, and the differences between eCommerce website integrations and a Facebook hosted shop, as well as tips and common troubleshooting issues when switching to a eCommerce integrated shop.

Liking Other Facebook Business Pages As Your Page:

This video shows you how to “Like” another Facebook Business Page as your Facebook Business Page and how to explore the unique Pages Feed, as well as how to “Unlike” pages as your page to keep your Facebook Business Page’s section and page feed fresh!

Adding Events to Facebook Business Page:

This video walks you through how to add an event to your Facebook Business Page. This is not the same a creating a Facebook event. You’ll want to add official Facebook events created by the actual event organizer to get the benefits. Here’s how to do it.

Creating Events for a Facebook Business Page:

This video guides you through everything, but advertising, that has to do with Facebook events. Learn how to create an event for your Facebook Business Page, as well as tips and tricks that will tremendously improve your business presence online and at real life Facebook events you attend as a vendor. REMEMBER: “Sharing is caring, but Inviting is Important!”

Unpublish, Merge & Delete a Facebook Business Page:

This video walks you through how to unpublish, merge and delete a Facebook Business Page, as well as when and how you might want to use these features.

Tips from Kristen:

Hey, Vendor! Congrats on creating and updating your Facebook Business Page! I hope you enjoyed the step-by-step guide videos. Here’s a few tips to keep in mind when you are working your Facebook Business Page:

  • Keep everything short and sweet as much as possible
  • People like photos and videos
  • Post something relatable to your fans that’s also relevant to your business at least once a week
    • “Sharing is Caring,” so you want them to care about your business!
  • Always share Facebook events you’re actually attending to your business page
  • Always invite people to the events you attend
    • “Inviting is Important…” to your business!
  • Have fun with your page!
    • Don’t treat it like another job.
    • Treat it like it’s a portal to your customers online!

Your Facebook Business Page should be helping you make money! If it isn’t, adjust what you are doing until you start seeing results. It’s the #1 traffic driver to your business website! Keep an eye on your page’s insights to help guide you!


This may seem like a lot of information, but it can all be broken down into small sections. Just block some time each day to work on a specific section. Don’t rush through it. Sometimes, it takes time to establish a business page and a following, but a well completed Facebook Business Page and consistency will payoff.

Good luck! I hope you enjoyed the Facebook Business Page Series of the Texas Trade Days, LLC Vendor Learning Series and I hope these videos serve you well.

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