MARKET DAY: Brenham - Washington County Fairgrounds

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Washington County Fairgrounds

1305 E Blue Bell Rd, 110, Brenham, TX 77833


  • Set Up: 9 am to 11 am
  • Market: 11 am to 4 pm
  • Tear Down: 4 pm to 5 pm


Unload along the nearby drives surrounding the Entertainment (Main) and Rabbit (Overflow) pavilions. Do not block the front of the Entertainment pavilion or the front grassy area between the pavilions and the main parking lot. Move your vehicles to the main parking lot BEFORE setting up your spaces.


Park all vehicles in the main parking lot of the fairgrounds BEFORE you set up your spaces. 

Don't park:

  • In the grass
  • Where you see orange road cones
  • At other buildings

If you have a disability, please show your placard or plates and park where directed. Please remind us on market day.


Checked-in starts at 9 am at the TXTD table under the main pavilion. I'll have a list for you to sign that acknowledges your attendance and the Vendor Agreement


First come, first to set up. Assignments are by space location only - (pavilion, outdoor, trailer). You must sign in before you can claim your space - you risk being moved if you don't. 

Pavilion Vendors: The main entertainment pavilion is the first pavilion assigned at check-in. Once it is filled, all remaining pavilion vendors are assigned to the overflow (rabbit) pavilion.



Our shoppers like mid-market sales, credit and cash purchases, so be sure to come prepared. If there's a theme, feel free to have fun and decorate your booths, bring candy and any freebies you'd like to contribute alongside the market. Many kids and pets join their parents as well! This is your time to shine! Don't forget about posting your attendance and photos to your social media, and tag Texas Trade Days, LLC, too!


Restrooms are on-site facilities and across from the Entertainment pavilion. 


It's strongly recommended you bring your lunch and any snacks you may need to get through the day. Coolers are allowed, too. 

DB BBQ Truck is scheduled to be at our market as requested by the fairground management. They're a local favorite, too.


If you need to take a break, feel free to ask the Market Coordinator to watch your booth, especially if your neighbors are busy. Be sure to take your cash and personal valuables with you as well, in cases of an emergency. Leave your business cards out and we'll be glad to pass out your business cards when we let shoppers know you're on a quick break, too!


Don't let WiFi or cellular reception issues interrupt your sales. Prepare for offline sales by having everything you need to reduce lost sales during market days. Prepare with minimal change, a receipt book, and anything else you need in case WiFi or Cellular Service isn't available. We don't have control over these services, so it's best to come to market days prepared. 


At tear down, you can bring your vehicles back to the park to load. Just watch out for each other and any lingering shoppers. 


Post some "teaser" posts in our Facebook events, tag us in your social media posts and have fun leading up to our markets. Flyers and shareables are posted in our Facebook events, on our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram!

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    Kristen M. Parker is the CPR/AED/First Aid provider for Texas Trade Days, LLC. Click here to see the certification card.

    The TXTD First Aid Kit is available for all vendors and customers needing items anytime during market days. It's fully stocked with current items and free to use. TXTD replenishes when inventory is low, all used single-use items and upon item expiration. 

    This kit is for minor injuries and should not take place of emergency medical help. TXTD will call for emergency medical help at anytime, and report any first aid items used to the responding medics.


    If you need assistance during the market, please text 936-463-8049 and we'll help. We're always on-site, but may not be near what needs assistance, so keep this number in your contact list for easy access.

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    • Thanks for all your hard work putting this event on for all of us. We will be there as well as Hunziker’s Farms. I think we paid at the last event we participated in. If not let me know. Look forward to a beautiful day and meeting a lot of people. God Bless. Sallies Soap.

      Sallies Soaps on

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