BIG Win for Texas Cottage Food Laws & Vendors

Today marks a HUGE milestone for TX Cottage Food Vendors with the 86th Texas Legislature passing and now Governor Greg Abbott signing SB 572 (TX Cottage Food Freedom Bill). This law provides a lot of much needed updates to the current cottage food laws which helps small business/home-based “bakers.”

The TX Baker’s Bill Facebook page Admin and owner of, Kelley Masters, worked hard in Austin, TX this session to rally for the passing of SB 572 and HB 2108, as well as a few others. It took the entire community of Texas Cottage Food Vendors and supporters (like us) to push our state representatives and senators to get this much needed law on the desk of the Texas Governor.

We owe a HUGE thanks to Kelley Masters, Lois Kolkhorst, Eddie Rodriguez, the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance and Governor Greg Abbott for their dedication to these changes and Texas small businesses!

Kelley Posted a few details of the law on the TX Baker’s Bill Facebook page, effective September 1, 2019, as follows:

Read the bill:

A brief synopsis of the changes:

  • Direct sales at any location
  • Sales of any food that does not require time or temperature control
  • Local internet sales
  • Pickled and frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Acidified canned foods (including salsa if pH is 4.6 or below)
  • Fermented vegetables

Kelley also states a new FAQ section will be posted on this summer which will answer more questions. For now, more information can be found directly at

How does Texas Trade Days, LLC fit in with this?

Starting September 1, 2019, we can accept all Texas Cottage Food Vendors at our markets without having to go through the confusing permitting issues with the state and local health departments regarding TX Cottage Food Vendors.

By law, these types of vendors are offered protection from inspection requirements as long as they adhere to the TX Cottage Food Laws (read more here). As it stands, Cottage Food Vendors are at risk of health department violations when they attend our markets because we are not a qualifying event under the state health laws since we are a for-profit business (IRS category).

This new law update includes us in the list of locations Cottage Food Vendors can operate, starting September 1st! Texas Trade Days, LLC is the first year-round for-profit event company to openly accept all Texas Cottage Food Vendors after this date!

We’re extremely excited to help solve another community need for small businesses and now, local food deserts!

Our 2019 vendor application is already open to all vendors, so Texas Cottage Food Vendors can now begin applying TODAY for these dates by clicking this link.

Thank you again, to everyone involved, for all the hard work this bill took to be passed! We’re all very appreciative and look forward to doing our part to help local cottage food businesses succeed!

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