Our History

Texas Trade Days, formerly The Gypsy Rose Market, is already creating history in the Greater Houston/Galveston area’s pop-up market scene!


In March 2017, Kristen M. Parker created The Gypsy Rose Market from just an idea. As an Artisan for her mother’s online boutique, struggling to find decent local markets and advertising agencies to sell directly to the community, she decided that it was time to do what it seemed others could not.

Kristen combined her extensive retail and professional sales experience, art and curation knowledge, small business and legal knowledge, combined with her online and technology skills, to create the next generation of pop-up markets.

In April 2017, The Gypsy Rose Market was registered to operate in Galveston County, TX with The Gypsy Rose Market assumed name, obtained a convention and trade show organizer Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit. Later in 2017, The Gypsy Rose Market was registered to operate under its assumed name in Harris County, TX and became insured.

A year later, The Gypsy Rose Market became Texas Trade Days to be even more inclusive to vendors and the community.

Challenging The Status-Quo

In the first few months in business, we gained over 50 market members, obtained 2 marketplace venues and reached over a thousand social media followers.

By the first market held in May 2017, our website was fully functional with its own following and became the central hub for both merchants and customers to connect.

We the barriers between bored merchants and lost customers through increased and targeted communication, and active sales techniques – online and offline.

Merchant Sales Boom

Between May and December 2017, we helped merchants generate thousands of dollars in sales collectively during our market days.

Defying Odds

In August 2017, our communities and all of us were devastated by the historical catastrophic flooding from Hurricane Harvey. By September 9th, we all pulled together enough to support each other for our market reopening. We were committed to helping our small business merchants recover by maintaining business and lowering merchant rates, and giving our community an outlet to help heal as recovery efforts were underway.

Just 4 months after Hurricane Harvey, approx. 90% of our community’s merchants were back in business defying the typical small business odds of recovering from catastrophic events.

On May 18, 2018, tragedy struck our community again. The Santa Fe High School Shooting shook the community of Santa Fe, Texas the morning before the biggest all vendor event scheduled for the area, Galveston County Trade Days. With little options, Texas Trade Days made the decision to push forward to maintain normalcy, as was done after Hurricane Harvey. Galveston County Trade Days was down over 20 vendors, attendance expectancy was severely crippled and hope of local charities to participate in fundraising and crisis response efforts less than 10 miles away from the high school by community request was lost, but we held on. We received approval from Texas First Bank and H.I.S. Ministries to collect monetary and item donations to help the victims and families of Santa Fe.

We activated our change donation jars to accept monetary donations for the Santa Fe ISD Education Foundation Fund and became a temporary on-site item donation collection point for H.I.S. Ministries, a local assistance charity and food pantry of Santa Fe, Texas.

Less than 24 hours after this horrific tragedy, we opened the gates with just over 50 vendors to about 600 attendees. Thousands of dollars were made by the vendors combined, and Texas Trade Days collected and donated over $300 of monetary and item donations. We received many thanks for continuing the event by the local community with requests to return the following years.

Increased Revenue

We has increased revenue of small business venues and local municipalities. We have generated thousands of dollars of additional revenue for these venues as a result of hosting our markets since May 2017.

The Market That Gives Back

Wet have also given back to major and local charities that directly support our communities. We have collected and donated hundreds dollars of monetary and item support through the use of our change donation collection jars, becoming an item drop-off point for community donations and by donating a portion of our profits to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, children’s charity.

In The News and an Increasing Online Presence

In less than a year, we have rapidly increased our online presence throughout the internet and social media, gaining thousands of regular followers.

Our events have been organically picked up by major local radio stations, major local businesses, the Houston Association of REALTORS, the Houston Chronicle, the Galveston County Daily News and more.

On Saturday, November 25, 2017 during the American Express National Small Business Saturday initiative, we were visited by the Galveston County Daily News for an article about how we support small businesses and became an American Express Neighborhood Champion for 2017. Read the article here.

We feature some of the community’s best local small businesses for Small Business Saturday and throughout the year ranging from online and mobile clothing boutiques, jewelry boutiques, bath and body shops, popup makeup counters, artisan shops, artists and more!

(Photo Credit: Galveston County Daily News)

Making History

Since our first market in May 2017, we have been able to help our community in so many ways. Our business structure, philosophy and philanthropy has proven to be what our community desired and we have only just begun to take steps towards our mission.

Growing Up

We have continued to break personal records in the beginning of 2018. By April and upon its 1st anniversary, we expanded to 5 different venues, including 2 fairgrounds with over 60 vendor registered events!

Since this growth continues steadily, the need to be more inclusive to a variety of vendors has grown as well! Customers have continued to support and enjoy our variety of merchants available to them. To be able to better serve our customers and our vendors, The Gypsy Rose Market is now Texas Trade Days!

We’re excited to see what our future holds. We’re grateful and appreciative to everyone that has helped develop this market to what it is today.

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