2019 Preferred Vendor Policy


The 2019 Preferred Vendor Program Policy is in addition to the Texas Trade Days, LLC Vendor Policy – click Vendor Rules to view.

  1. Preferred Vendor status does not guarantee a vendor a booth space if an application is submitted after the initial 2 day period given to book for newly released dates. Booking opportunities for like or similar vendors may be opened at any time after the initial 2 day period to meet the needs of the market.
  2. The Preferred Vendor Annual Fee is non-refundable, not prorated and does not cover vendor booth rentals.
  3. Preferred Vendor status is limited to 1 vendor per Direct Sales Company in the calendar year, unless otherwise agreed by all interested parties. Texas Trade Days, LLC reserves the right to allow more than 1 representative from a Direct Sales company at anytime to fulfill the needs of the market.
  4. Preferred Vendors are responsible for checking each event’s space availability prior to submitting their application.
  5. Preferred Vendors who register for an event in which the space is already filled will not remove the other vendor from attending, and will be issued a refund credit at the discounted rate on the Preferred Vendor’s application for the filled event date to be applied to any event with product/company availability within the same calendar year.
  6. Preferred Vendors are responsible for submitting the Preferred Vendor Application in order to receive their discounted rates. Refunds and partial refunds/credits will not be given if a Preferred Vendor submits a regular vendor application, and will lose placement/advertising perks for that event.
  7. Preferred Vendor status, perks and other benefits cannot be transferred, reassigned or otherwise given to another vendor for their use. Subletting a Preferred Vendor space is not allowed.
  8. Preferred Vendors who operate 2 or more businesses, are required to designate which of their businesses is covered by the Preferred Vendor Program or submit additional applications to cover the other businesses under the Preferred Vendor Program.
  9. New vendors to Texas Trade Days, LLC Events are under a 2 event probation where they will receive guidance and evaluation to ensure their success as a Preferred Vendor of Texas Trade Days, LLC.
  10. Preferred Vendors are expected to follow all Texas Trade Days, LLC Vendor Policies, booth rental terms and staff instructions. Failure of the vendor to meet Texas Trade Days, LLC vendor standards will result in the vendor being dropped from the Preferred Vendor Program without refund.


  1. Vendors who choose the season buyout option are responsible for checking which spaces are filled for the dates they wish to attend.
  2. Season Buyout options secure up to 6 dates for the booking season. Any missed dates or filled dates will not be refunded, prorated or issued credits.
  3. If a date is already filled when the season buyout is purchased, the Preferred Vendor will remain as a back-up for the event date that has filled without guarantee a space will be provided, without refund, proration or credit.
  4. Season Buyout options are non-refundable and non-transferable, and cannot be reassigned to another vendor for their use. Subletting a Preferred Vendor Buyout space is not allowed.
  5. Season Buyout options are only available to current Preferred Vendors in the calendar year.
  6. Season Buyout options do not carry over to other seasons or years.